Stop coping. Start living.

We support LGBTQ+ people in cultivating life skills for more meaningful, joyful lives.

It’s not just survival. This is Queer Resilience.

Queer Resilience Collective is an educational effort led by and for LGBTQ+ people. We offer personalized coaching, online courses and events, digital resources, and more to empower queer and transgender people with resiliency skills.

Too often, conversations around LGBTQ+ mental health focus solely on survival. We want more for us.

That’s why we’re here: to support members of our community in creating a life worth living — whatever that looks like for them — while still contextualizing this within their lived experience.

This is wellness on your terms.

Positive vibes only? No thanks. All vibes are welcomed here.

No body-shaming BS. No “manifesting” your way out of oppression.

And we’ll never ask you if you’ve tried yoga.

We wish it didn’t have to be said, but apparently it does: Trees are not antidepressants, your liver is the only real detox, and meditation is not for everyone.

Our approach to wellness is simple: You get to define what “wellness” means for you.

You set the goals; we’ll help you meet them.

QRC’s Theory of Resiliency

Our guiding principles when working with clients:

1. Autonomy

You know your body and mind best. We are here to support you in defining what a meaningful life looks like for you, in accordance with your unique experience.

2. Accessibility

Our support should always have your access needs in mind. We are committed to creating an experience that is attainable and sustainable for you.

3. Liberation

Wellness and self-care practices are vital for liberation. We believe that healing ourselves is fundamental to healing our world and creating real change.

Meet the team.

Sam Dylan Finch

Sam Dylan Finch is a non-binary wellness coach and mental health peer advocate, and co-founder of QRC. He draws from body liberation frameworks to support LGBTQ+ people in their healing, with a trauma-informed lens. He is currently pursuing certification as a Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Peter Dakota

Peter Dakota is the co-founder of QRC, and a two-spirit, queer, mixed race facilitator and educator of Oglala Lakota, Roma, Jewish, and English ancestry. As a movement organizer and coach, they support activists in doing the inner healing necessary to do their best work.

Specialty Coaches & Advisors

Jasmine Banks

Clinical Supervisor and Coach

Ash Fisher

Chronic Pain Coach

Désirée Tiamat

Grief Doula and Coach

Kya Concepion

Radical Liberation Coach

Alysse Dalessandro Santiago

Body Confidence Coach

Mental health is a community effort.

Our communities thrive when built on interdependence.

You were never meant to do this alone.

Connect with us.

Let’s see how our collective can support you in your healing.